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Website Design Solutions

All our customers have asked the question – What should our website look like? Your website design should reflect your company, it should look professional, trustworthy and relevant. Simply put, your site must accurately convey your message and brand image. Hire us now.

Networking Solutions

Many small businesses find it too complex to deploy, maintain, and protect their networks. Whether you’re looking to keep IT networking or computing costs predictable to avoid unexpected problems, require effective and reliable solutions that allow for 99.9% of business continuity,Guide Solutions has a answer for you.

IT Training Solutions

The most effective learning occurs when it is relevant to you and your organization/company, this is why here at Guides Solutions we provide individual Training in the areas of IT networking, computing, webdesign, CRM usage and so on. All these training packages are customized to you, your employees and their productivity. Enhance the core skills of your company now.

Computing Solutions

Have you just noticed your pc/laptop computer getting slower in recent weeks, taking ages to get ready for use when you switch it on or taking ages to shut down, or maybe its just crashing for no reason and you suspect hidden spyware, malware or virus problems? Get it fixed now.

Open CRM Solutions

Looking for “Out of the box” features with group collaboration, campaign and lead management, contact lists, and opportunity tracking all designed to be highly customizable and elegant in simplicity. Open CRM is the way to go for retaining your customers for future services, let us be your guide in identifying your solution.

IT Consultancy Solutions

It is well know that many small businesses do not have the access to dedicated IT professionals, such resources are only available to large corporations with million dollar IT budgets.  Here at Guide Solutions we specialise in helping small businesses improve upon their IT infrastructure by streamlining business processes and performance. Let us relieve such a burden from you.

The Right Professionals For Your Project

Adopt a different solution to business intergration – adopt guidesolutions.